Inside Belfast – Episode 2: Food, Glorious Food

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Inside Belfast – Episode 2: Food, Glorious Food

Matthew Thompson is part of the Good Friday Generation who’ve grown up in a time of relative peace. They’ve lived through the transformation of Belfast from a city, once largely associated with violence and sectarian division, into a popular tourist destination, a location for international film production and a growing centre for high tech industry.

In this five part series, Matthew meets people who’ve witnessed and helped bring about some of these positive changes, in Belfast and other parts of Northern Ireland……and on the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, he asks if they’re hopeful for the future.

A 15 min feature for U105

Broadcast December 2022


Presenter: Matthew Thompson

Producer:  John Deering

Executive Producer: Kathleen Carragher

A Yamal Production funded by the Audio Content Fund