Margaret Fay Shaw’s Hebridean Odyssey

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Margaret Fay Shaw’s Hebridean Odyssey

Margaret Fay Shaw gave up a privileged upbringing and classical music training in 1920’s New York to live in the Gaelic-speaking world of the Outer Hebrides. She used her classical training to notate and later record the first proper archive of Gaelic song and folklore from the Western Isles. Fiona Mackenzie, professional singer and archivist for the National Trust for Scotland, tells Margaret Fay’s remarkable story.

“my pick of the week for its Gaelic soul and substance……….. Gillian Reynolds, The Sunday Times.

45 minute documentary for BBC Radio 3’s Sunday Feature.

Shortlisted for The Folklore Society’s Non-Print Media Award, 2021.

Broadcast January 2021


Presenter: Fiona Mackenzie

Archive Research: Peter Stewart

Audio Engineer: John Simpson

Executive Producer: Kathleen Carragher

Producer: John Deering