The Secret Bard

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The Secret Bard

A celebration of the life and songs of Carolina Oliphant, a contemporary of Robbie Burns, who kept her songwriting success a secret all her life and whose work is often mistakenly attrributed to the national bard.  Helen Mark uncovers her story and finds out how her songs crossed the ‘Narrow Sea’ to become an integral part of Ulster Scots popular musical tradition.

A 60 min documentary for BBC Radio Ulster

Broadcast January 2023


Presenter:  Helen Mark

Location Scout:  Fionnuala Carragher

Catering and accommodation:  Brenda Murray

Programme Consultant: Matthew Warwick

Music and Song:  Jonathan Rea and Sylvia Burnside

Recording:  Start Together Studio

Producer:   Kathleen Carragher

Executive Producer:  John Deering

A Yamal Production funded by the Ulster Scots Broadcast Fund