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Yamal Productions  is named after the Yamal (Яма́л) region of Northern Siberia, a place that has fascinated John since he traveled there with a film crew, just after the fall of the Soviet Union – the first non-Russians to visit the area since 1917.

Obviously it’s not practical to live and make programmes in the Yamal but we have found another inspiring setting – the spectacular Ardnamurchan peninsula in Argyllshire, Scotland – the westernmost point on the British mainland.

We divide our time between Ardnamurchan and our home city of Belfast – equally inspiring!


The scattered communities of Ardnamurchan, Lochaber and the Western Isles are working hard to preserve their fishing and crofting livelihoods, promote their rich Gaelic culture and encourage tourism while protecting their pristine natural environment.

Yamal Productions is registered in Edinburgh. Company Number: SC 156613


Our other production base is Belfast, Northern Ireland, a divided city gradually transforming itself into a popular tourist destination, a location for international film production and a growing hi-tech industry centre with a thriving arts and entertainment scene.

We have a sister company, Yamal Productions NI, registered in Northern Ireland.  Company Number: NI 687766.


Yamal is 41,000 square miles in size and home to less than 10,000 nomadic reindeer herders – the Nenets.  There are no roads.  Winter temperatures can fall as low as -50C and its permafrost occasionally reveals remarkably well-preserved mammoth remains.

In the Nenets’ language Yamal means “edge of the world“.  Their traditional lifestyle is under threat from climate change and the development of the world’s biggest natural gas deposits.  This is where Vladimir Putin derives much of his wealth.